Word of Welcome from Tansa

Tangaza University: The University to Be

In Kenya, the beautiful country, where Tangaza University flourishes, we have a county by the name Machakos, it is identified as “the Place to Be”…in the similar note, among the many universities in Kenya and the world at large Tangaza University is ‘The University to Be’ in this century. I take this opportune moment on behalf of The TANSA Executive and my own behalf as the President to say that you are all most welcome to the University to Be. Karibuni sana Tangaza where we will continue having our minds taught, our hearts touched and lives transformed and thereafter we will be sent out to go transform the world.

To the continuing students, it is another academic year to revive the spirit of determination and commitment, picking from where we left before the holidays. As the TANSA Executive, we take this chance to thank you all for making us your choice and electing us into office; we are your humble servants. We are here for you, your interests are at heart and hand. We ask for your support in all possible ways to make Tangaza a far better centre not only of academic excellence but where we come out when we are trained wholesomely. Let us make the new students feel at home, let them feel they belong to this one big family: the Tangaza Fraternity. Let’s all feel we belong here, it is our University, our ‘seat of wisdom’, our pride and our home. Let’s keep up our participation in Students’ activities with more vigour and increased interest.

To our beloved new students, I once again say Karibuni Tangaza: the University to Be. You chose the best part… Tangaza is a Centre of Excellence, from here your dreams will turn into reality but not automatically; we all have to blend our diligence and determination with prayer so as to make success part of our lives. I urge you to participate actively in all students’ activities, commit yourselves to the students’ movements, clubs and associations within the university. This will greatly help you to integrate with the students as well us tap your talents and skills and also make a difference here at the campus. Let us interact openly and take advantage of our diversity as a university: Tangaza University boasts of her internationality since she has students from over 50 different countries around the world, therefore, in Tangaza ‘the world meets the world’… Alongside internationality, she also boasts of her interculturality since from these different countries each one of us carries his/her culture. That means in our cultural diversity Tangaza makes us one… we are thus ‘One Big Family’.

As the TANSA Executive, we are here for you at any time you need us because it will be meaningless for us to sit comfortably in Students’ Office without offering services we ought to deliver. I ask for your ardent collaboration. As for me and my team, we will always welcome constructive advice, suggestions as well as critique from any student or any other person. Indeed, you will enjoy your stay here at Tangaza University College. Thanks for choosing Tangaza. We appreciate your presence here and treasure you all. Enjoy your student life and may you achieve your goals, may your dreams come true and as we go out to the society after successfully completing our respective courses may we go to transform the society and make a difference in the world.

At this juncture I wish to end by introducing to you my team in the office (TANSA Executive) which is made of seven officials:

SOLOMON BITALE, Vice-chairman
DANIEL ATUL, Treasurer
ERICK MURIITHI, Organizing Secretary
FREDRICK OWINO, Academic Secretary
MARIAM RASHID, General Secretary
TITUS ABUBAKAR, Sports coordinator

TANSA Executive Special Interest Reps
John Ndichu, Physically Challenged
Susan James, Post Graduates
Bridget Mutual, Needy Students

TANSA President.