Ettore Marangi

Ettore Marangi is a friar minor and a priest from the South of Italy. He got his doctorate in theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University with a thesis on the fundamental and soteriological significance of Jesus’ resurrectionHe was a lecturer at the Theological Faculty of Puglia in Bari (Italy) and currently teaches Systematic Theology at the Tangaza University College.

He has been actively involved in the theological journey of the World Forum on Theology and Liberation and, after his participation to the Ninth Assembly of the World Council of the Churches, in the promotion of ecumenical dialogue. The Sits im Leben of his theological commitment is his sharing with people and Small Christian Communities in some of the slums of Nairobi such as Deep Sea, where he devotes himself to chokora (street children), money generating activities, health care projects and the building of civil society.


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