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How do I access the E-Resources?

Go to the website (, hover over Library, and click on E-Resources. Going through Google on-campus also, usually, accesses the Tangaza subscription.

How can I access the E-Resources while I’m off campus?

Go to the website (, click on Portal, then on Off-campus Access. Fill in your user name and password (the same as on Moodle). In this way you access the Tangaza University College subscription.   Going through Google when you are off-campus will involving paying for what you want.

Can I renew my books online?

Yes. Log into your library account through the OPAC (catalogue) page. The books that you have checked out will automatically be displayed. Check inside the boxes under renew button for the books you wish renewed then proceed to the ‘renew checked items’ button.

How many times can I renew books?

. After borrowing you are allowed a maximum of 2 times renewal and thereafter you have to return them to the library.

How can I access wireless network on my laptop?

If it’s your first time to use Tangaza’s WIFI then go to the IT department at the cyber café where they will configure it to use the wireless settings.

How can I find research projects on a specific topic?

In the OPAC, use the advanced search button where you will be able to select options for theses or long essays. Then key in the topic which you wish to search for. The results displayed will include the location where the research project is stocked.

What should I do if I don’t find library materials?

There are reference desks in each of the libraries otherwise known as help desk with a librarian who will help out or advise on the location of the library materials in question. If you need instruction on use of libraries and the resources please consult with the reference librarians so to book a date and time which will be suitable for training.

What is the process of registering in the library in order to access the services provided?

Please come with your student ID at the circulation desk in the main library where you will be registered immediately.

How can I get a job/ attachment in the library?

Please visit our website at and read about the job application process under the human resources link. You can apply for attachment using the address provided.

. After borrowing you are allowed a maximum of 2 times renewal and thereafter you have to return them to the library.