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 Tangaza University College offers a number of Diploma and Certificate course within the various institutes within the university. The University offers a high standard of education with small-sized classes ensuring quality of learning.Some of the Diploma and Certificate course offered include:

Diploma and Certificate in Business Information Technology

The  programme prepares students to become specialists in the Information Technology needs of modern businesses, it also equips them with skills enabling them to become website developers,computer technicians among  other jobs in the field of Information Technology.

Diploma in Civic and Development Education

This course is designed for the agents of social transformation, civic educators, community development agents and county authorities.The Diploma enables the learner to become a professional community organizer employable in NGOs,County Governments and in other community based projects

Diploma and Certificate in Counselling Psychology

The programme is geared towards the preparation of professionals in counselling psychology.It focuses on analysis and understanding of challenges affecting the mental health of children and young people,counseling skills in social,cultural and other settings. The student is equipped with skills enabling them pursue a career as a professional counselor in the education sector and also focusing on youth and children.

Diploma and Certificate in Leadership and Management

The programme introduces the student to the principles of leadership and management ensuring there able to become effective and transformative leaders.Students pursing the programme are prepared for careers in Human resource Management, Institutional Administration, Project Coordination,International Relations and Public Administration .

Diploma and Certificate in Media Production

The programmes prepares the learner to become a professional in the media industry. The learner acquires competencies enabling them pursue a career as a Television  News Anchor, journalist and video editor.

Diploma and Certificate in Social Work/Social Ministry

The programme unlocks the potential of thelearner to become a life-changing agent in society.The learner acquires competencies enabling them to be highly effective in accompanying communities in a process of social transformation with a focus on human and sustainable development.Th elearner is able to work in NGOs, Community Based Organizations and developmental based government organizations.

Diploma in Education (Arts & Science Subjects)

This programme prepares the learner to pursue a career as an educator in the field of Arts and Sciences. The learner also develops competencies in Curriculum development and School Management.



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