A word of welcome from the Dean of Students (DOS)

Dear Tangaza Student, the office of the Dean of Students is and should be your go-to office at any time!

We are here to listen and understand your experience as a student and receive your feedback regarding your concerns and questions. We then relay this information to the relevant administrative offices. Our job is to help you focus on your studies by helping you respond to the possible distractions.

Secondly, the office helps to address policies and procedures of the university as they affect you as a student and help to ensure that those policies and procedures meet your needs. Moreover, the office helps you to understand the vision, mission and values of the university in addition to its policies and procedures and thus help you immerse yourself into the university culture with relative ease.

Thirdly, we help you get in touch with the resources and means of supporting you psycho-emotionally and spiritually in addition to your physical fitness. To this end, we have the campus ministry, professional and peer counsellors, campus clinic, assistance with immigration services, office for people living with disabilities, catering, justice and peace office which assists those students struggling to access basic needs in their off-campus life, sports and other activities to keep you all rounded and healthy. Our office is definitely rooting for you!

Once again, the Dean of Students office, in addition to dealing with discipline, exists mainly to help you find your place in Tangaza and feel at home. Welcome at any one time to our office located in Imani house, 2F1 and 2F2.

Welcome to Tangaza where we Teach Minds, Touch Hearts and Transform Lives!