This platform serves as a means for alumni to access important ideas and resources. The Alumni Association brings together individuals who share the common bond of having studied at Tangaza, despite having graduated from one of the university’s seven institutes and having diverse backgrounds and professional experiences. Through meetings and events, the association offers a space to maintain relationships formed during their studies and create new connections. Joining the Alumni Association grants access to a network of accomplished professionals, which can prove to be a valuable asset in one’s career.

Our Mission

To engage TU’s diverse alumni in strengthening bonds with their Alma Mater based on TU’s vision, mission and values.

Our Vision

To realize the promise of a global community with a shared mission for a transformed world by engaging Alumni to support each other and advance the University’s excellence.

Our Values

  • Determination- To pursue lifelong pursuit of Faith and truth.
  • Gratitude- Being thankful for the relationship and learning gained through Tangaza University College.
  • Character- Strengthening relationships through honesty, loyalty, integrity and ethical conduct.
  • Ownership- Appreciating the initiative and taking greater responsibility for the progress of the Association and University.
  • Get Involved

    “Attending alumni events e.g. reunions, professional development forums, mentorship forums, alumni annual conference, workshop trainings and community outreach and research opportunities”


    “Making a gift/ donation to support our needy students and alumni!”

    Become A Volunteer

    Volunteering to mentor the students.

    Latest News

    Education News all over the world.

    Foodbank Marathon

    Walking together in the light of Fratelli Tutti and Laudato Si


    4th Annual Summer School