THEME:     Sustainable Peace and Security in Africa; Opportunities and Challenges

CONFERENCE Dates: 25th and 26th May, 2017.

VENUE: Tangaza University College, Kenya


The significance of the conference on Sustainable Peace and Security is based on the reality in the African continent of perennial and new conflicts, probing the need for sustainable peace and development. The need for sustainable peace and security is ever urgent, as it hinders the development of the continent. There are many peace building efforts that are taking place across the continents, yet we sadly note increasing violent conflicts that claim lives of innocent people and hinder the development of the continent. The conference aims at bringing together players to discuss peace practices and share experiences on what is working and how to improve it such strategies.


  •  To engage peace practitioners and academia in peace building initiatives.
  • To create an alliance for best practices of peace in the African continent.
  • To explore how to scale up peace and security initiatives.
  • To design a methodology for security and sustainable peace.

Thematic Areas

  1. Community peace building initiatives: what’s working, challenges, contribution of communities to sustainable peace
  2. Human Security and State approaches to peace building: Community policing, approaches within state institutions, Election awareness
  3. Violence and extremism: Focus on the challenges of radicalisation, and terrorism Innovations in peace building: initiatives blending peace and development.
  4. Traditional/Cultural approaches: influence of traditional peace culture, approaches and its influence on modern peace initiatives.
  5. Interreligious peace building: approaches truth and reconciliation
  6. Regional Peace Building initiatives.-Early warnings and responses, breaking the cycle of political violence in Kenya. Handling Refugee conflicts

Submission Guidelines

  1. Abstract not exceeding 250 words should be emailed to
  2. Abstract should adhere to the thematic areas and should include title, objectives, methodology and the theories used.
  3. All the abstracts to include the name of the author, organizations affiliated, and contacts.
  4. Full papers should be between 10-15 pages, it should include title, objectives, methodology, key findings/ results, conclusion and recommendations. References to be done in APA style.


Organizations are welcomed to show case their ways of enhancing peace and security. Tents will be available for the gallery


Deadline for abstract Submission:     18th February 2017

Submission of Full Papers:           30 th April 2017

Conference dates:                    25th and 26th May 2017

Online registration:

Conference outcomes:                Publication of a book  


Students                                   Ksh    500

Non-Students                            Ksh 1,000

Organizations/ Institutions       Ksh 5,000

International Participants         Ksh 10,000

Payment Method   —  MPESA

Paybill Number 488516

Account Name —  Your Name + Peace for example (johnpeace) in one word


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