Civic Dialogue Conference Report

Welcoming remarks

The beautiful meeting commenced with welcoming remarks from Madam Bina Atieno, recognizing the presence of the guest speakers, students and any other guest in attendance. She introduced Dr. Reginald, a lecturer in Tangaza who gave his word on the theme of the day.

First Speaker: Dr. Reginald

The word politics does not exist in isolation; governance and democracy are the other closely associated terms. Politics involves who gets what and how, governance involves transparency, accountability and responsibility by persons in positions of power. Democracy is the rule of the people. Therefore, in politics, how people rule; direct democracy, indirect or dictatorial and their governance system influences the political system too. They are work in tandem.

Second Speaker: Stephan

He exemplified the status of politics in Europe, – Germany in context. He cited the role of women in leadership, mentioning the chancellor and ministry of defense seats occupied by women. Furthermore, he cited African countries with traits to be emulated such as Rwanda and Ethiopia; these African countries have shined a ray of hope to the role of women in leadership. It obligatory for our women to seize the opportunity and make the best put of it.  

He also stated the three benefits of women in leadership, when women are in leadership, it is alleged that the rates of corruption reduces, they are efficient in the management of resources, and they adore much the democratic space. He concluded by responding to a question on what has made Germany a key figure in advancing the role of women in politics. He answered that one of the main contributors is the independence of governance systems: legislature, judiciary and executive.

Third Speaker: Br Jonas

(The director and lecturer in the Institute of Social Ministry)

He welcomed the guest speaker, Her Excellency Ruth Odinga and proceeded to exemplify the link between social ministry goals and our theme. He said that it is important to engage students in politics to avoid passivity in the later years. The more dialogue that there is amongst students especially women, the more transformation will be evident in the outside world. He challenged the participants present, how do you transform a society without feminine engagement? An emphasis on a continuous dialogue, after today is to be looked at to help students familiarize more about politics.  

Fourth Speaker: Merab

She is a lecturer at CUEA and a PhD student in TUC specializing on peace and security. She outlined the key points of her political career. It has been a long journey, characterized by faith, hard work, commitment, success, failure and exposure. Despite all these, she still survived, and aches for more. She challenged the women and men present that it is never an easy journey and that they should never wait for the perfect moment, but create it. Learn to respect the process. 

She asked the women not to shy away from political space. She concluded by welcoming her close associate, party member and role model H.E Ruth Odinga.

Guest Speaker: H.E. Ruth Odinga

Former deputy governor of Kisumu and a source of inspiration to many women graced our occasion with her presence. Declaring her love for ODM party astounded many, but she still condemned some of its previous vices and disgraceful acts directed towards her. Having her certificate taken away and continuous rebellion from family members acted as obstacles to her career in politics. However, this did not and do not hold her down, she still believes there is more in the basket for her.

She voiced out that the challenges towards women are really and resilience, political parties and empowerment will act as catalysts. Her sacrifices for raising a better generation are priceless and altruistic based. She still holds that she will rest when she clinches the presidential seat. 

Madam Immaculate Masinde

The first female and current president of Tangaza.

A leader with a go-getter attitude, clinching the presidency beat after a series of defeat but still remained adamant. She aims for a place in the political landscape of the country and this is all build by her little successes in her lifetime. I am destined for something bigger, and if I am why not you? She stated that she has navigated various challenges, such as negative attitude, but she believes they served as building block for her brighter future in the larger politics platform. You should be persistent, courageous, highly esteemed, visionary, networking, and willing to go beyond expectations to challenge the prevailing system – a message to all women in the room finding it a daunting task to have a share of the political cake. 

Last Speaker: Bina

She is Badili Africa Initiative proponent and a former MCA seat aspirant

She has encountered a seriously daunting and challenging journey, but she seized the opportunity and utilized it.  A lot of experience from thee political field when she vied for a political seat, it did not turn out as expected. Faced threats, unmet expectations, lost scholarship and depression were the eminent elements. Amongst all these, she composed herself and discovered another version of herself. Leadership is not a designate platform for specific persons or from specific forums only; there are other avenues to influence the political space.

She initiated the Badili brand that advocates for more space that is political for our women. It has been a huge success, from obtaining attendance request to attend forums and meet Melinda Gates, to institutions such as The Obamas Leadership forum in South Africa. She encouraged our women to be goal driven and do it as if no one is watching. They should set the pace as a team

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