Position Summary: The Vice Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer of the university and reports to the University Council. The Vice Chancellor’s core responsibility is to implement the policies set by the University Council and to ensure that the University’s resources are used in ways that most effectively advance the approved mission, vision, and strategic plan and management of the University.

Appointment of the Vice-Chancellor

  1. The University Council shall, as provided in the Charter, appoint the Vice-Chancellor on such terms and conditions, as the Council shall prescribe.
  2. The Vice-Chancellor shall be the holder of an earned doctorate degree; be ecclesiastically qualified; and be an experienced academic and strategic leader.
  3. The Vice-Chancellor shall and have the ability to foster the vision, mission and values of the University in light of its uniqueness as a center for theological and ministerial formation.
  4. The Vice-Chancellor shall be a person who embodies and leads the University community in the way of integrity.
  5. The Vice-Chancellor shall serve for a term of four years, which could, upon expiry, be renewed for two further terms of four years each.
  6. A Vice-Chancellor shall cease to hold office at the expiry of his/or her tenure of office, or upon resignation from office, or if the University Council terminates the services in accordance with the terms and conditions of service.

Functions of the Vice-Chancellor:

  1. Be the Chief Executive Officer responsible for academic and administrative matters of the University acting in the best interest of the University for the realization of its mission vision and values.
  2. Have the overall responsibility and work collegially with the academic and non-academic staff for the direction, organization, development, administration and academic programmes of the University.
  3. Be responsible for risk management, statutory compliance and assurance of academic quality as well as monitoring and evaluating the performance of the University against the strategic plan and operational plans and budgets.
  4. Be the Chairperson of the Management Board and the Senate.
  5. Be responsible to the Board of Trustees and the University Council for the general conduct and discipline of the students and staff of the University.
  6. Be the Secretary to the University Council.
  7. Act as a representative of the University and be its spokesperson on its external matters.
  8. Ensures policies of the University, which are approved by the University Council, are consistently and competently carried out across all parts of the University.
  9. Be responsible for the development of effective systems of communication, particularly to ensure that the educational community remains focused and committed in supporting the mission, vision and the strategic plan of the University.
  10. Keeps the educational community informed of the University Council’s priorities and keeps the Council informed of important University issues, developments, and needs.
  11. Be a person who is sensitive to the current trends such as security issues in the University.
  12. Develops and maintains relationships with stakeholders, private entities, and other institutions of higher learning; and makes effort to increase public support for the University for the purpose of advancing its strategic goals.
  13. Be responsible for the effective management of the University’s resources, ensuring that human and financial resources are used in ways that support the Universality’s mission, vision and strategic goals.
  14. Be innovative enough to meet the educational demands of the 21st century.
  15. Be a person who is both people and performance oriented.
  16. Be further responsible for protecting the University’s assets by taking reasonable measures to shield the University from financial, legal, and reputational risks.
  17. Carry out any other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Board of Trustees and the University Council.

Qualifications and Experience

The applicant must have the following qualifications and experience:

  1. A doctorate degree in a field that is relevant to the current position preferably ranked a professor from a recognized University.
  2. A minimum of 7 years experience in a senior educational leadership/management position or at least served as a Dean or a college/campus principal for at least 5 years.
  3. Experience in the running of university affairs, procedures and systems.
  4. Experience in resource mobilization, networking and fund raising.
  5. A person who is able to understand educational budgeting and strategic planning.
  6. Be a person who is both people and performance oriented.

How to Apply:
a) Each application shall be accompanied by a detailed Curriculum Vitae, Copies of Relevant Academic and Professional Certificates, 3 Sealed Recommendation letters, National Identity Card  Passport, Testimonials, and other relevant supporting documents.
b) Applicants must also submit the following:
i. Clearance form from Kenya Revenue Authority.
ii. Clearance form from Higher Education Loans Board.
iii. Clearance form from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commision.
iv. Certificate of Good Conduct from the Criminal Investigation Department

c) Application should be submitted on or before 12th August 2016 
d) Application should be addressed to The Principal, Tangaza University College, P.O. BOX 15055-00509. Nairobi, Kenya.
NOTE: Tangaza University College is an equal opportunity employer. Women, marginalized and persons living with disability are encouraged to apply.

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