Cultural week

Tangaza student association invites the entire Tangaza family to the annual cultural week that starts on Tuesday 11th October to Saturday 15th October, you’re welcomed to participate and see variety of cultures in Tangaza.

During week days we Will have each week day a number of country groups presenting songs and dances, on Tuesday we will have Cameroon Mozambique Nigeria Ghana India Pakistan performing. On Wednesday we will have Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Congo, Togo performing, On Thursday we will have Tanzania Ethiopia Malawi Equatorial guinea Eritrea, S.Sudan, Sudan presenting. On Friday we will have Kenyan groups presenting among them is Luo, maasai, Luhya, kalenjin, kikuyu, meru.

The big day on Saturday we will have second phase of presentation and modeling. The dress code of the week is as follows :

  • Tuesday it’s black and white intercultural diversity.
  • Wednesday official – professionalism.
  • Thursday it’s vintage – throwback Thursday.
  • Friday it’s sport- fitness
  • Friday and Saturday culture wear modern day culture. 

As tansa we kindly request full support of participation to make this week great. We also request dean’s of various institutes to accord students performing some more 20 minutes during long break to enable them participate and perform. Come one come all and together we can.