A Word from the Dean of Students (DOS)

Dear Students,

After my start as Dean of Students on June 22nd, I write to introduce myself and thank all of your for your “Virtual” welcome to the TUC community.

I am grateful to the Lord for bringing me to TUC and this significant moment of its life. I also wish to welcome all our new students to our community. The Dean of Students office is your office. The doors are always opened to you. To you and all our continuing students, please note than the Dean’s office and the whole staff are open to serve and journey with you in these important years of your life. Use them well reminding yourselves each day of the goal you want to achieve.

We continue to adjust ourselves to the impact of COVID-19. We will work to make authentic our response and so I request you to bear with us and beg your understanding and commitment. Until the restrictions are lifted by the Government, we will continue using online services. I therefore encourage you to make extra efforts to familiarize yourself with these services.

Orientation for our new students will take place from Monday August 17th all through to 21st. It will be online to prepare them for university student life. I urge the new students to take it seriously.

On Friday, August 21ST, the TUC community will have the opening mass. This mass will be live streamed on the Tangaza campus ministry Facebook page and the Tangaza webpage from 8.30 am, as we pray for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to descend upon us for what lies ahead. I warmly invite you to join in this celebration. Thereafter the Vice chancellor will address you. Our college nurse will also give a short presentation on how to handle the COVID -19 situation.

May God bless you all richly with good health and abiding consolation.

In Jesus Love,

Fr. James Kimani

Dean of Students 

Fr. James Kimani

Dean of Students (DOS)