Entrepreneurship For Impact 8th Edition

Business Innovation Challenge 8th Edition

The business innovation challenge is a pitching event in which MBA participants and East african innovators are given the chance to pitch their business project to a jury of investors, Business experts and facilitators.

The challenge is aimed at being the initial assesment of MBA participants’ business projects.Despite the fact fact that they may be already active entrepreneurs or have no activity on the ground,participants present a business idea: to start a new business, scale an exsisting one,explore a new for a product.

Aim of the challenge is not only raise funds for the MBA applicants but to:

  • Draw feedback from the judges to understand main challenges and main opportunities they will face.
  • learn in a direct way how to approach investors and what investors expect from an entrepreneur.
  • Establish links with the entrepreneurial ecosystem.



Anthony Muthungu co founder of totosci tech company
Participants of the 8th MBa challenge
Remote learning presentation
Live presentation demo
Victor Mwamuye an agreprenuer in azolla farming
Panel of jurist
our partners

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