Interuniversity Poetry Symposium

Tangaza University College and Universal Peace Federation organized a Poetical symposium to reflect on the impact of covid on human thought. The Dean, Fr. James Kairu, invited Nairobi City County Universities to participate creatively by reciting, singing or dramatizing poetry pieces.

Those presented were graded according to the three categories. The overall winner was the poetic song played by CUEA Band, of how every person is called upon to ‘kill’ coronavirus and give humanity hope. The runners up gave a similar message with a perspective on the behavior of people during the pandemic. Their rhetorical questioning of what is so obvious; Corona kills. The third winner was a technical University student who demonstrates how corona affected normal employment but pushed young women to steal husbands from wives. The social effects of corona and the bad economic situation.

Two poets were further nominated for a TV recording at the Standard media. Tangaza University College was represented by Millicent Kajimba with a rhetorical rhyming punchline; Corona is it an Illusion, Hallucination or an imagination?

While presenting the awards the chief juror, Mrs. A. Rehal, Director Kenya Institute for curriculum development, reminded participants that the poems were so rich and all were winners. The poems would be published to help educate more on how the pandemic had an effect on human thought. UPF was represented by Chairman Chaggar , Ambassador for Peace Ram and UPF CEO Rev. Wakhisi. The Federation awarded Rev. Fr. Innocent Maganya with the Universal Peace Award on behalf of all present for peace building in Kenya and Africa. Fr. Innocent is the director of IRDIS, Tangaza University, the institute behind this poetical symposium. 

Is Covid - 19 an illusion, hallucination, delusion, a calamity, a conspiracy, a dragon or a monster?
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Published at 2020, October 29
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