Business Competition

The latest Business Competition organized by ISMM last January 30th saw the participation of a large group of entrepreneurs. Each presented his or her business idea to one of the juries, chosen according to the focus areas of the MBA: agribusiness, ICT mobile technology, renewable energy, green economy, business services and educational training. The overall winner of each group then competed with the others in the main hall to win the competition.

About 30 competitors presented their business ideas, some very innovative. The jurors expressed their   surprise in seeing the good quality of entrepreneurship attracted by the organizers. The five finalists presented interesting projects to support local communities develop food and job security.

The overall winner was Dr. Oscar Aghan who presented a business idea on recycling waste plastic to produce posts and other building materials. A post thus  created is lasting – for it cannot be eroded easily – and the impact of plastic waste is reduced.

Through business competitions, the ISMM MBA programme becomes more and more known and the business community, especially investors,  find it easier to identify worthy projects to finance.