MBA Graduation

The fourth Master of Business Administration class has reached the end of the trail. On January 29th, 2016, thirty-one graduants were awarded their MBA title, an important achievement that crowned 18 long months of study and work. Professor Mario Molteni, from the Catholic University of Milan (Italy), reminded the graduants that “we do not teach entrepreneurship, we train impact entrepreneurs”. The students focused their studies on specific areas: agribusiness, ICT mobile technology, renewable energy, green economy, business services and educational training. Their achievement shows that ISMM lecturers and business coaches were able to support their work and transform their business ideas into reality. These new social entrepreneurs are now ready to work in Kenya and abroad to create jobs, enhance local communities’ economies, and thus transform society so that growth, respect for the person and the environment, and profit may go hand in hand.

ISMM director, Br. Jonas Dzinekou, addressed the graduants with these words: “Dear graduates, on this special day that marks the end of your academic journey here at Tangaza, ISMM congratulates you for the determination and commitment you showed throughout the program. When you look back at the challenges, you should be proud of yourself for reaching so far. The MBA degree that is conferred on you today is more than a mere academic degree. The MBA has given you the skills and competencies to transform life through your social enterprises. In fact, many of you are already transforming the life of many people through your social business. Whatever stage you are in your business, you have to work hard to increase your impact. As ISMM we are proud of what you already doing. In this way, you share in our mission of transformation the society. Keep the fire of social transformation alive. Invite other to embrace it.

You should also realise that you cannot transform the world alone. The work of social transformation requires collaboration, partnership, synergy and networking. This should start among you and extended to others. Do not work in isolation but join hand with others. This is the best way as social entrepreneurs you will increase your impact and you can be reckoned as a force in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem. Kenya is a land of great promise for social entrepreneurship. I will not be wrong to say that Kenya is going to be the leader in social entrepreneurship in Africa. You are big player in the shaping the social entrepreneurship ecosystem. You are the creator of a new culture of social business. I do not have the slightest doubt that the future of Africa, the regeneration Africa is in social enterprises. That is why the MBA is a unique programme that will contribute greatly to the regeneration of Africa. We are writing a new history of Africa. A happy history!

One important thing that we see in our students is the strong belief in ethical values and spirituality for social entrepreneurs. This is becoming a very strong characteristic of the programme and we are proud of that. Because of that, we are convinced that you are going to do business differently. Let these ethical values permeates every aspect of your business. The end of your academic journey is not the end of your journey with the institute. We want you to remain connected with the institute. Now you go out as the ambassadors of the institute preaching and doing the work of social transformation through your businesses. Your next challenge is: dream big! Grow your enterprise! Scale your impact!”