Nature Of The College

Tangaza College is a centre of Catholic theological and ministerial education in the context of the Church in Africa. Students and lecturers come from over 40 countries and approximately 100 Religious/Missionary Congregations. Graduates of Tangaza are now ministering in Africa and in various parts of the world.

Having started as an institution arising from the co-operation of a number of Religious/Missionary Institutes to provide for the theological education of their respective students, the College has grown to embrace the professional and religious training of others, Christians and non Christians, who meet the entrance requirements, and share in their aspiration to bring the light of faith into the realities of the world through service for transformation of societies.

The College, by its very history and identity is a collaborative effort, sharing resources and teaching personnel in a collaborative effort. As a Catholic institution for training for ministry in theology, education, social transformation, spirituality and religious formation, social communication, youth ministry and catechetics, leadership and management, it is governed in accordance with the norms of the Catholic Church.