Philosophy With A Focus On Peace And Security

Three years ago, Tangaza University College (TUC) embarked on designing and developing a new philosophy programme. Termed Philosophy With A Focus On Peace And Security, the programme aims at empowering learners with knowledge, attitudes and skills to understand the root-causes, philosophical underpinnings of insecurity and appropriate transformative mechanisms in Kenya and beyond.

Approval of the Programme: The new programme, whose first draft was presented to the University Commission Education (CUE) of Kenya in 2019, finally saw its approval on May 17, 2022. This came after a successful verification of the programme resources by the CUE, alongside other two programmes presented to the Commission: Master of Science in Early Childhood Assessment and Intervention; and MBA in Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, by TUC.

The Commission Team Chair Dr. Dorcas Omukhulu appreciated the TUC for the warm-welcome accorded to the CUE Team and conveyed the greetings of the Commission Chief Executive Officer, the Deputy Commission Secretary (Accreditation) and the Head of Department (Programme Accreditation) who were undertaking other official duties. She emphasized the importance of having internal quality assurance mechanisms institutionalized in the University for the success of the new programmes and all others offered at the University for ensuring quality university education to students.

The Vice Chancellor Designate, Prof. Apollinaire Chishugi Chihebe on his part welcomed the team and thanked the Commission for its continued support to the TUC, particularly during the resource verification exercise. He assured the Commission Team for the TUC’s commitment to providing quality university education to her students in the newly approved and all other previously running programmes at the University. He was flanked among others, on this occasion, by the Ag. DVC Designate Academic and Student Life – Dr. Cosmas Kagwe, the TUC Director Post Graduate Studies – Dr. Daniel M. Kitonga, and the Programme Respondent and Director TUC Institute of Philosophy, Dr. Munguci D. Etriga.

Philosophy of the Programme: The new programme anchors on the belief that the needed transformative mechanism for a people’s social, political, economic and religious dimensions is achieved by graduates whose judgments are well grounded on developed and sharpened critical thinking skills capable of identifying philosophical roots of contemporary issues in peace and security concerns.

Expected Learning Outcomes: The programme’s graduates are expected to be able to:

  • Understand the philosophical underpinnings of theories of Peace and Security;
  • Demonstrate a solid and wider knowledge of human security issues;
  • Acquaint themselves with contemporary peace and security challenges, their effects and mitigation frameworks;
  • Apply strategies and frameworks for resolving interpersonal, international, cultural and structural conflict as active citizens in pursuit of social change in our communities and the world;
  • Exhibit professional ethical dimensions in the commitment to the pursuit of peace, justice and accountability in every aspect of human interaction;
  • Possess ability and skills to use instruments of scientific research in social science.

Minimum Admission Requirements: The new programme’s applicant must be a holder of:

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (or its equivalent) with a minimum aggregate of a C+; or
  • Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (or its equivalent) with a minimum of two principle passes and one subsidiary; or
  • A Diploma or professional Certificate in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution.

Accordingly, Tangaza University College is in the position of offering degrees that meet your philosophical needs, whether ecclesiastic or civil. The latter is specifically designed for your practical local, regional or international concerns.

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