TUC and Lugha Ishara MoU

Lugha Ishara is a community-based organization with a mission of achieving the transformational development of deaf children.

Children who are born deaf often are delayed in their language acquisition because the adults around them cannot communicate in a language that the deaf children can understand. And since language skills influence cognitive development, deaf children tend to be lagging behind in cognitive development.

What is the solution? Lugha Ishara aims to teach Kenya Sign Language (KSL) by means of animated cartoons, delivered digitally, to the family members of the deaf child, so that they all begin to communicate with the child. Thus, the child naturally learns KSL and keeps up with their development in the foundations of learning.

Tangaza will help with the psychological expertise on language development as Lugha Ishara develops instructional material.

Furthermore, the two organizations hope to develop and carry out research projects and seek funding for these noble interventions.

Meanwhile, several people at Tangaza are learning KSL, thanks to your Disabilities Inclusion Office. Social Transformation begins here!

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