Walking with the young people – Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is one of the electives courses offered in Tangaza University College by Rev. Fr. Domnic Mwanzia. Every Thursday afternoon the knowledge about the Youths is expounded. It is indeed a lively class. On 23rd February,2017, the class organized for a discussion with the youths from the Universities within Karen. The Universities which were represented were: JKUAT, COOPERATIVE, CUEA and TUC as well.

The number of the participants was twenty seven. The main purpose of engaging students from Catholic background was to listen to them on the theme that: ‘IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH JOURNEYING WITH THE YOUTH OR NOT IN THEIR ETHICAL AND SPIRITUAL LIFE?’ The topic was quite interesting and challenging. Under the guidance of the FR. Mwanzia as the moderator, the discussion was so heated and enjoyable as each youth engaged one another. Infact the evening was joy filled moments of sharing ideas and finding amicable solution. Most of the participants felt that the Catholic Church does not recostudentsgnize the youths in their unique contribution. The Shepherds were challenged to be there for the youths by spending time with them, listening to the stories of their lives and to be attentive to their joys, hopes, sadness and anxieties. More so, the Shepherds need to be able to peer into their depths of the heart without being intrusive or threatening. However, the students were as well called upon to let their interests and needs to be known through their respective leaders in their Institutes of learning.

Tangaza University is planning to organize a major forum where all the institutes can come together and share some of the issues the youths are facing for the betterment of all the holistic growth of the young people. As I pen down from my Word – processor, as one of the steering committee together with my able class representative Br. Philip Kusimu, we sincerely thank Rev. Fr. Mwanzia for giving us this rare chance to share with others youths and in a special way our Prof. Dean of Theology Rev. Fr. Mwania for the financial support which helped us of great deal during the event. All the host’s students did the recommendable work to see to it that the day was a success.

God bless you all as we look forward to working with the youths.

By Jaketch Allan, (Students’ leader, PRESIDENT).