Word of Welcome from Tansa


I take this rare opportunity to welcome all of us to this new academic year. I believe it is a special year set aside by God for Tangaza to experience brand new happenings that will lengthen our steps as a university. It is with humility and pleasure that TANSA welcomes the new students in a special way. Maybe at the back of your mind, you are joining just another higher learning institution as it is the norm in the education systems across the globe that dictates that after O’level one transition to the next stage which in this case has brought you and I to Tangaza. Out of experience, I can confidently say Congratulations. You made the right choice unlike other institutions, Tangaza is likened to a manufacturing company where we come in raw but leave better than we came in, in short, we literary relive our motto of Teaching minds, Touching hearts and Transforming lives. Friends, Tangaza is the only place you will find a sitting legislature rushing to attend class, where an international company owner would be left out on the exam list for missing more than two classes, the list is long but I can summarize by stating that Tangaza is where the learners take the 1st  priority. All you have to do is: Be open-minded, maintain a positive attitude, live by the rules, be ready to take up your responsibility and learn to do it past yourself.

Before I proceed, permit me to use this platform and send out my heartfelt gratitude to the entire Tangaza family for giving us the opportunity to lead us to the next level by electing us to Tangaza Student Association (TANSA). We were able to rewrite our history by electing a woman president for the first time. I personally do not take the credit. Contrary to the narrative of many, I believe the main winners, in this case, are mainly the School of Theology (SOT) students who held the position since the inception of the school but chose to rewrite our history by reliving the words of the great American writer Tom Peters who once said, “True leaders do not create followers, they create more leaders”. That, they did. I also thank the entire school electorate for looking beyond my gender and skirt by saying a big, “THANK YOU”. As the new TANSA we remain indebted to the students for giving us the chance to serve us, we believe we were not the best but we stood out among the best by God’s grace.

To whom much is given, much is expected. TANSA 2019/2020 is going to offer democratic leadership where whatever concerns the students will be discussed by the students. We will maintain a value-centered leadership that shall employ the Vincentian model of leadership based on its four main orientations: Mission, People, Task, and Service. Feel free to stop any of us along the corridors for any clarifications, queries, suggestions, complains, extra, extra. Walk into the TANSA office anytime. We are in this together; kindly help us serve you better and in so doing we accomplish the dreams of our forefathers of taking Tangaza higher.

Each year millions of graduates are released into the wider society. But the bitter truth is that only a handful gets lucky to exhibit what they took in at the various higher learning institutions. the only way you and I can secure a spot among the handful is by focusing on what brought us here, establish and maintain healthy relationships for future networks and embrace our motto which will act as our guiding tool. Align yourself with the right people if you want to leave with something from here remember if you walk with two focused students then you automatically become the 3rd focused student. According to Proverbs 27:17 (NIV), as iron sharpens iron, so does one person sharpen another. Choose your friends wisely because the people you keep will either make you or destroy you.

We have made a few adjustments to ensure inclusion in the school programs throughout this academic year. It is said obedience is better than sacrifice; let us just adhere to this by ensuring we are at the right place at the right time engaging in the right activity with the right people. Let us just follow the calendar to the later, self-discipline starts from there. INTEGRITY is one of our core values as a school and according to Lewis, it is all about doing the right thing even when no is watching.

We will share more but allow me to end by welcoming us to this new academic year. Thank you for choosing Tangaza. Just like you, I believe in Tangaza, I believe in us.

At this juncture I wish to end by introducing to you my team in the office (TANSA Executive) which is made of seven officials:

  • SOLOMON BITALI – Vice-chairman
  • DANIEL AFUL – Treasurer
  • ERICK MURIITHI – Organizing Secretary
  • FREDRICK OWINO – Academic Secretary
  • MARIAM RASHID – General Secretary
  • TITUS ABUBAKAR – Sports coordinator
TANSA Executive Special Interest Reps
  • JOHN NDICHU – Physically Challenged
  • SUSAN JAMES – Post Graduates
  • BRIDGET MUTUA – Needy Students

God bless you. God bless Tangaza

Most welcome!! Karibuni Sana!!


Immaculate Masinde

TANSA President

0710 519 692/ immasinde4@gmail.com